According to Einstein, logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you everywhere. I love going everywhere, go off the map and imagine things that never existed before.


I also love taking the things you imagine and then call it into existence. The cool thing about software is: you're not dependent on any scarce resources to do it.


Especially these days, now you no longer need to worry about setting up the underlying infrastructure. You can just assume it to be there, available on demand in the cloud.


Not worrying about the underlying infrastructure allows you to focus on what you really want to achieve and to get something out there really fast.


Because, after all, none of this really matters if you can't take your idea and turn it into something sustainable.


And even though it's cool that — these days — you are technically not dependent on anyone else to create something, it's only when working together with others that you will get truly awesome results.

Natural Habitat

I consider the innovator and early adopter space on the technology adoption curve my natural habitat. It's not only the place where you invent and create stuff that never was before, it's also the place where you find the tools to get it done as quickly as possible.


I like all things visual. One of my Italian friends feels unable to talk if he's not allowed to use hand gestures. Similarly, I feel almost unable to get anything done without drawing some pictures first.

How may Ihelp you?

  • If you have an idea,
  • then I will be able to turn it into a robust piece of software,
  • and I will not only help you build the thing right,
  • but also to build the right thing,
  • using lean startup techniques,
  • and even though I can certainly do all of that on my own,
  • ideally I would help you form, or be part of, a small team of focused generalists

If you are in that position, and you're looking for ways to turn your idea into a product, then we should talk.

(But if you're looking for anything else related to web technology, NoSQL, or visualization, or if you're looking for unorthodox solutions to complex problems, get in touch too.)

All the modern things have always existed

They've just been waiting

To come out and multiply

It's their turn now